Goal Buzz
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Articles I'd Like to Write and Information I wish to Build

1.       Do you have what it takes to be a business owner?

2.       How to choose the right business for you

3.       Pro’s and con’s of your own business

4.       Why marketing your business is important

5.       How to market your business online

6.       How to market your business offline

7.       How to ensure repeat business from your customers

8.       Different ways to get financing for ones business

9.       How to get Angel Investors

10.   Partners (different types) and how to get them

11.   How to choose what to “sell” to your customers

12.   How to create a marketable product

13.   How to create a marketable service

14.   How to create a marketable members only group

15.   Why creating a “brand” is important

16.   How to brand what one “sells”

17.   Record Keeping – what does the tax man want

18.   Record keeping – Is my business making money, or is it a black hole

19.   Lessons Learned and how to grow with the times

20.   Sharing what one does with those who will make it better